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Transform Your Body. Transform Your Life.

Imagine waking up every day with boundless energy, feeling confident in your skin, and radiating positivity. Picture yourself saying yes to adventures and inspiring those around you. At Biostetix, our weight loss treatments are not just about shedding pounds, they're about giving you the power to live the life you've always wanted, with the confidence and vitality you've always dreamed of.

Guided by an experienced medical professional, Biostetix will take you on a life changing journey, providing a personalized weight loss program along with the latest medications and supplements to equip you for success.


Biostetix can put you on a path towards long term weight loss and overall wellness with these 8 Key Steps:

  1. Discuss your personal weight loss goals, challenges and current lifestyle activities

  2. Review your medical health history

  3. Check your InBody weight composition and determine your ideal target weight

  4. Take a closer look at your current bloodwork for underlying causes of weight gain

  5. Identify foods that cause you inflammation or bloating

  6. Control your eating habits with fast, effective weight loss medications and supplements

  7. Create a nutrition & diet plan to compliment your new medical weight loss program

  8. Check your progress every month to stay on track

Medical Weight Loss Makes The Dream A Reality

The quest to lose weight and improve your well-being can feel like an elusive dream. But you can turn that dream into a tangible reality thru modern medical weight loss; a comprehensive and science-based approach to managing your weight.

Medical weight loss involves working closely with a healthcare practitioner who has experience in weight management. It requires taking a scientific approach to understanding your unique situation; your metabolism, genetics, and any underlying medical conditions that might be affecting your weight gain. This is central to creating a personalized plan designed just for you.

Lose The Weight, Gain The Benefits

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Beyond looking and feeling fantastic, a dramatic loss of weight can create many other health-related benefits. You may be suffering from severe fatigue, high cholesterol. high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, achy joints and muscles, or even sleep apnea. Biostetix's medical weight loss program is actually a dynamic wellness initiative that can address these symptoms concurrently, rewarding you with a more elevated state of health that is sustainable over time.

Biostetix Weight Loss Treatments

  • Nutrition Counseling and Diet Plan - We create a tailored plan that fits your unique needs, helping you make healthier food choices, set achievable goals, and develop sustainable eating habits.

  • Weight Burner IV - Experience our weight burning infusion and discover a boost like no other. This intravenous therapy delivers a carefully crafted blend of nutrients, helping you rev up your metabolism and enhance fat burning. It's the perfect complement to your weight loss plan.

  • B Complex Vitamin Injections (Lipotropic B) - Our Lipo B Injections are your weekly energy boosters. Packed with essential vitamins and amino acids, these injections support your metabolism, help break down fat, and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

  • Skinny Shot (Lipotropic MIC, plus Vitamin B-12) - Attack body fat with the renouned Skinny Shot, to supercharge your weight loss efforts. Combining Lipotropic MIC and vitamin B-12, these weekly injections help reduce fat deposits, boost energy, and keep you on track for the results you are really looking for.

  • Semaglutide - Semaglutide Injections are your hi-tech advantage in the battle against excess weight. Supported by scientific research, these FDA approved weight loss injections are designed to quickly control your appetite and reduce caloric intake, making your weight loss program safe, fast and incredibly effective.

  • Tirzepatide (for diabetes) - Tirzepatide Injections are a groundbreaking wellness option for diabetic patients. These injections not only help manage blood sugar but can also lead to substantial weight loss. Regain control over your health and weight with this powerful new treatment.

  • Kybella - Reach fat deposits where they hide with Kybella Injections. This innovative treatment is a non-surgical solution for those stubborn areas that resist diet and exercise. Achieve the sculpted look you've always wanted with minimal downtime and maximum results.

Your Initial Weight Loss Consultation Is FREE

Take the first step towards a life changing transformation with a complimentary consultation. During this appointment, our dedicated medical practitioner will get to know you, your goals, and your individual needs. We'll discuss the various options available, from personalized nutrition and diet counseling to advanced treatments like Semaglutide and other peptides. This no-obligation consultation is your opportunity to explore how we can support you in your weight loss journey. Let us help you make informed decisions and set you on the path to sustainable weight management.

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